Welcome to the World Parliament Experiment! A World Parliament is possible, if YOU support it! The World Parliament Experiment is a generic simulation of a working global democracy on the internet. You can join the beta test of our new version on: beta.tgde.org Please send an e-mail to: team@world-parliament.org if you would like to receive the password. You can read more about our project and help edit the explanations on: http://worldparliament.a.wiki-site.com/index.php/Main_Page In addition, we invite you to : The Global Democracy Lab by Democracy Without Borders and the World Parliament Experiment associations. A first event was successfully organized in 2019, updates on new events will be posted on our wiki site. Read more … The website of the World Parliament Experiment is currently under construction and a big relaunch will be published soon as part of the partnership with Democracy Without Borders described on: https://www.democracywithoutborders.org/gdve-it/ In the meantime, if you are interested in the history of the project, please feel free to see the old site on: www.tgde.org. Some features can still be used and seen. Our project is expensive, we would like to invest in many new features, including server space and security/identification for many participants. Please consider making a donation: Donation bank account: IBAN: DE83 1001 0010 0137 5911 33 BIC (SWIFT): PBNKDEFF This project is supported as its Global Voting Platform by:

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